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Jackie Smith

Teachers - High School

Phone: 403-749-3838

Key Roles

Hello and thank you for being right here.  In a world of hurry up and go I appreciate you taking a moment to read my page.

I am part of the High School Teaching Team and I am the Foods Teaching Team.  I have the responsibility of delivering an exciting, engaging, challenging and DELISH foods class to all students in grades 6 through 12.  Every student I work with will be encouraged to stretch and expand their thinking and their skills; encouraged to take risks that have them move outside of their comfort zone. 


When not at school I am with my husband and three children.  We keep ourselves entertained and busy with a firewood business, a cattle ranch, our horses, and a variety of sports.  I am thankful for everything we do and where we live, all put together it is a beautiful thing.


And, I am still learning...

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Math 20-4          Humanities 20-4          CALM           CTF Grade 6          CTF Grade 7          CTF Grade 8          CTF Grade 9