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Melissa Abbott

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Teachers - High School

Phone: 403-749-3838

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Welcome to Delburne School!

At Delburne Centralized School, there is a rich history of excellence in athletics. This is evident when stepping foot in the "Large Gym". Displayed on the wall inside the gym are pictures and vibrant writeups about many athletes who have continued athletics after leaving high school. The wall continues to grow as these young adults follow their passions. When crossing the threshold and stepping foot on the polished wood floors, your eyes immediately scan to the full walls of banners displayed here. These symbols of athletic achievement contain many repeated family names. Being a rural town, many displays of success in high school rodeo are present. There are also banners for curling, volleyball, track and field, basketball, cross-country running and badminton. In the main hallway of our school, there are several trophy cases showing off the achievements of past athletes. Younger students walk by these symbols on the way to their daily physical education classes, and there is a sense of excitement as they look forward to becoming part of a team. 

At DCS, we look forward to adding more banners to the walls of our gym, and trophies to the shelves, but more importantly, we are excited about the many skills these athletes will gain through sport. Becoming a student athlete helps prepare students for the future. They learn self-discipline, motivational strategies and leadership skills. These competencies will help them when they enter the job force. Sports help to promote a life of health and wellness, encouraging students the importance of movement and physical fitness. Being part of a sports team helps teach students valuable skills such as how to compromise, how to collaborate and how to work together with others. Students also develop positive character attributes and community spirit. Persistence, practice and patience are attributes that will last a lifetime. Sports also help encourage emotional wellness and mental health skills. Most importantly, athletics allow students to have fun! Athletes have the opportunity to explore new passions and interact with their peers. The value of athletics at school is significant and we look forward to continuing our athletic program at Delburne Centralized School! 

Please feel free to contact me through email at if you have any questions.

Here's to a great year!

Ms. Melissa Abbott

Athletic Director

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