2nd Annual Ghost Ryder Invitational Skate Park Competition |

2nd Annual Ghost Ryder Invitational Skate Park Competition

Hello all you fine folks,

Wow, what a day June 7th turned out to be. Great athletes showing off their skills, great people loudly cheering, great beautiful amazing weather...a great day indeed!

This thank you is going to be a long one, as there are so so many people that must be recognised for their hard work and dedication in getting the Second Annual Ghost Ryder Invitational Skate Park Competition not only up and running but making this sporting event as fun and exciting as it was!

First and foremost we must thank the 32 athletes that came out and competed for their 6 schools. You truly inspire us all. Thank you for sharing your passion, your determination and your sportsmanship. You gave it your all, got up when it would have been easier to stay down, and wowed us with your athleticism; we respect each and every one of you!.

On that note, it was great to see so many athletes compete, and we know they wouldn’t be able to come to this school sponsored event without the support and backing of all those Chinook's Edge and Clearview school division staff members that got them here, as well as the amazing parents that took time to organize rides and get these fantastic competitors out to Delburne. We salute you all!

Of course, without Brenda Smith and Bev Jamieson this day would not have ever happened. These are two incredible people who have never once have given up on these athletes.

The panel of judges: Jared Fraser, Paul Peters and Billy Praski. This event couldn't have run without your generous donation of your time. And of course Jared and Billy you wowed us with your demo rides...man you two are phenomenal riders, and a true joy to watch! Next year Peters bring a helmet!

The entire Delburne Futures Committee; once again, as always, your help was much appreciated.

All those fine folks in matching shirts from the Servus Credit Union - thanks for coming out once again. It really is awesome to have such great community support.

Huge Huge Thank You to Heide Fraser for everything - you rule!!!

Thanks to the Village for their support, as well as the hard work that goes into maintaining the park grounds. It looks amazing!

Harmony, Maggie, Carla, and so many more fantastic volunteers for the wonderful concession. The burgers were excellent! Delburne Foods and Oops Market for sponsoring the fine food these great people served to so many spectators.

Mr. Joe ‘The MC” Whitbread, you make this day so special. DCS loves that you come out and get us going!!
Regan and the Stop Bully Riders - so very kind of you to take time out to speak to our students, as well as staying to just talk to many of our kids.

Sherry Marsellus and Ms. Betts for taking so many great pictures. If anyone has more pics or videos they would like to share, please send them our way.

Atco for their very generous donation of the BBQ, as well as the tents...the tents were a must sunshade for our judges and competitors!

The Investors Group “True Sports Lives Here” for their generous financial contribution.

The Delburne Elks for once again letting us use their build as a staging area. So kind of you!

Of course DCS’s own Mr. Anderson, Mr. Fegan, Ms. Ritchie and Mr. Banks- thank you for all your time getting so many details taken care of.

Our prizes sponsors, MGP Action Sports, Central Alberta Skateboard Association, Industry Skate and Snow, NewLine SkateParks and The Ghost Ryders - your generosity made this day special for so many competitors, thank you!

And last, but in no way least, the staff and students from DCS that came and joined us at the park on Wednesday. It is very special to have an audience for these athletes. It validates their worth and makes the day that much more special. Thank you!

It is more than likely that someone, or many someones, has been forgotten here as a day of competition such as Wednesday does not happen without help from a huge number of generous people. Please know that we are most humbled by everyone that gave of themselves to make this competition a wonderful memory for these athletes.

Attached are a few pictures, with much more to come in a few days! Again, thanks to those that took, and shared the pictures.

And finally, here is the list of the winners from Second Annual Ghost Ryder Invitational Skate Park Competition:

789 - Scooter Jam 789 Scooter Best Trick 
1st - Leighton - H.J. Cody 1st -Tristen - Fox Run 
2nd - Zach - Fox Run 2nd - Morgan - Fox Run 
3rd - Levi - Stettler

789 BMX Jam 789 - BMX - Best Trick
1st - Wyatt - Stettler 1st - Nick - Fox Run
2nd - Nick - Stettler 2nd - Wyatt - Fox Run

10 11 12 BMX Jam 10 11 12 BMX Best Trick
1st - Zade - Didsbury 1st - Devin - DCS
2nd - Devin - DCS 2nd - Zade - Didsbury

10 11 12 SkateBoard Jam 10 11 12 Skateboard Best Trick
1st - Danny - Olds Koinonia 1st - Josh - DCS
2nd - Josh - DCS 2nd - Dany - Olds Koinonia

These athletes will have their names scribed onto our Ghost Ryder Event Winners Trophy, where they will be immortalised forever!

The Aggregate Traveling Trophy was won, by the narrowest of margins, by Clearview Public School #71’s own Wm E Hay Stetler Campus Team. Well done to you all, and just know, DCS is gunning for it next year!!

Once more, to everyone, thank you Thank You THANK YOU!